Jared Spool

The Anatomy of a Design Decision

What are the habits of highly effective design teams?

The best designs come from not one, but hundreds of well-made decisions. The worst designs arise out of hundreds of poorly-made decisions. All that stands between you and a great design is the qualify of your decisions. Where do they come from?

For the last five years, Jared Spool and his team have been studying how designers make their decisions.

  • When do they use outside information, such as research about their users?
  • When do they go with their gut instinct?
  • When do the designers look to past decisions and the lessons they’ve learned?

What his team found will surprise you. In this presentation, Jared will take you on an entertaining deep dive into the gut instinct of the best designers (without looking at all the gooey parts).

You’ll learn five styles of decision making and which style produces quality results:

  1. Self Design
  2. Unintentional Design
  3. Genius Design
  4. Activity Focused Design
  5. Experience Focused Design

Prepare to learn how to be a better designer, as Jared shares the secrets of the best and worst.

Design Process, Design Decisions

Jared Spool
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