Jared Spool

Mobile & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm

The world of web application design is expanding at a rapid rate. We’re now expected to design great experiences across a huge variety of platforms, from small screens to large displays. The flood of iPad applications and successful online businesses are showing our executives that design matters.

Why is all this happening now? Where is it all going? We’ll will show you how four driving forces—market maturity, the emergence of experience, Kano’s model, and Sturgeon’s Law—are increasing the visibility and value of design in organizations everywhere. He’ll show you what the next generation of design teams will look like and how you’ll get there:

  • When the emphasis of the marketplace shifts from features to experience and how not to get caught with a costly surprise
  • Why the best organizations go beyond designing for the users’ activities and looks at their entire experience
  • How to ensure you’re meeting basic expectations while integrating delightful components into your design

User Experience, Mobile Web Design

Jared Spool
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