Andy Budd

Seductive Design

In the dating game of the web, you need more than just a pretty (inter)face and a winning smile. You need to woo your users in a complex ritual of seduction and delight. Only then will you win their hearts, minds and registration details. Sadly, too many sites focus purely on the chase, adding each new conquest into their little black book of registered users (moleskines presumably) before moving on to their next victim.

While one-night log-ins can be exciting, they aren’t particularly satisfying. It’s the quality rather than quantity of your relationships that count. A truly meaningful relationship takes time, understanding and sacrifice. The best relationships are born from a sense of shared ideals; they are supportive, caring and fun.

Using examples from the real world, this session will look at the various tips, tricks and techniques you can use to make your users fall in love with your product or service. So dim the lights, put Barry White on the stereo and get ready for a lesson in the fine art of user seduction.

Persuasive Design, Seductive Interfaces

Andy Budd
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