Jacob Greenshpan

Designing for love: The sex appeal of applications

We all want our designs to be loved by the users. We all strive for a design which users will like, want to use and never be abandoned. Sounds like your relationships with your spouse? Sure it is! Why? It is that we – as well as our users – simply fall in love with applications and actually, using unconscious mating patterns, when we interact with applications and devices.

So, a powerful tool for professional designer, is just better understand the underlying mechanism behind this attraction. If we will know the 3 phases of love, we will know how to design an app, which people will use in each and every stage. If we will know the the rule of dancing in sexual attraction, we will better understand how to design the correct animation. And this is just a sample.

So, if you would like to get some insights from few years of research and thinking done by me, get to this lecture! I’d love to share my knowledge and methods with you. Oh, one more thing: bring your dancing shoes with you because we are all going to dance together!

Emotional Engagement, Seductive Interfaces