Sarah Richards

Content Strategy isn't just for Content People

Sarah Richards is a content strategist, product manager and trainer leading Citizens Advice through a complete digital overhaul. In this talk Sarah explains how design and content strategy working together can accomplish big things.

Anything with strategy in the title has the potential to be dry, dusty and eyes-glaze-over boring. But content strategy has an effect on every part of digital, whether you are a content person or not. There’s examples of where design stopped the British government from staying with a use-jargon-first-so-we-sound-clever content style and where dev, design and content working together can keep people out of food banks.

Using examples from the Government Digital Service, Citizens Advice and more, Sarah will cover why content strategy isn’t a dusty, ignorable, bore-fest. It’s the point of publishing digitally.

Design, Content Design, ux writing