Shiva Rajaraman

Product Management: Going from Meh to Awesome

Key takeaways:

  • Relish your weird superfans. If you don’t have these you’re probably already dead. You can’t win if you only generate a neutral response.
  • Every now and then, push your product to limits. When YouTube live streamed Felix Baumgartner’s 2012 space jump the platform nearly fell over, but they generated 8% of all internet traffic that day
  • Don’t build individual features, build platforms that can cover many use cases. YouTube solved rights management with a form of digital fingerprinting that now feeds into the Billboard 100 too.
  • Make your platform an ecosystem. Are there new economies and businesses that have been created, because of what you’ve made?
  • Hack the whole stack, not just your software. For example, innovating on content by turning Spotify playlists into weekly scheduled radio shows like Discover Weekly.