Josh Payton

Missed Connections

Missed Connetions – _A look at history, bureaucracy, ecosystems, and execution

The digital revolution is arguably only about 40 years old, but as it progresses the landscape becomes increasingly more sophisticated, nuanced, personal, and complex. With the rapid pace of innovation our collective focus favours the here and now – the newest, hottest things hitting the market. Often overlooked in this nonstop race for new is how digital ecosystems feel as a single user traverses them.

Digital products don’t stand alone after all, they’re experienced sequentially, simultaneously, or as extensions of one another. When you look at best-of-breed businesses you find wonderful examples of seamless digital worlds, but there are exponentially more examples of flawed or broken systems littering the digital landscape. In my talk I’ll explore our changing relationship with digital products and why broken ecosystems exist; from the speed of progress in general to how team structures effect products as they evolve. In a world full of digital natives, hot tech startups, and old companies grappling with digital transformation, it’s more important than ever to consider how we create delightful, extensible products built to scale and endure.

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