Nicole Lazzaro

The Science of Fun: 3 Ways Games Make You Happier and Save the World

Change is hard. Advances in game design and neuroscience can make it easy. Millennium of evolution gives us an amazing system for acquiring behavior good and bad. The rush of positive emotions such as dopamine (reward), endorphin (euphoria), and oxytocin (trust) do daily battle with bad boys such as cortisol (stress). The activities we engage in for these daily battles tune our behavior. The challenge is that the cognitive rational self that sets our goals is not the same brain system that deals out the chemicals that make us feel good. Serious game designers and Gamificiation experts ignore this battle at their peril. Specially designed games can hack your brain to turn vicious cycles into virtuous ones to help you lose weight, get smarter, and even fight climate change.
Come and explore this playful splash into 3 specific ways the fun of games can rewire your brain to be happier, healthier, and primed to work together to save the planet.