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Patterns: Five Essential Lessons from Richard Saul Wurman

Make Things Be Good: Five Essential Lessons from the Life and Work of Richard Saul Wurman

Beginning in 1962 at the age of 26 and continuing to the present day, Richard Saul Wurman has been extraordinarily prolific. He’s written, designed and published more books than most of us have read, and convened innumerable conferences and meetings. He invented information architecture, re-invented the conference, the travel guide, the road atlas and the yellow pages and wrote and published 83 books. And yet a search on Amazon.com reveals that there are no books about Mr. Wurman. Nor have there ever been. And all of the books Mr. Wurman wrote are out of print.

Dan Klyn has spent the past five years researching RSW’s life’s work in search of information architecture practices, and what he’s come back with is far more important. In 20 minutes and exclusively for UX Week, Klyn spills the beans.

He’ll present five key teachings derived from a study and interpretation of the life and work of Richard Saul Wurman. Five of the most powerful patterns by the master patternmaker. Five essential teachings for anybody who makes things. Five principles for making things be good.

User Experience, Design Patterns, Design Principles

Dan Klyn
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