Paul Boag

Client centric web design

As web designers we love to boast about our user centric approach to web design, but what about our clients?

Most web designers resent clients, seeing them as a barrier to producing great websites. However, a website doesn’t just need to meet users needs it also must meet the needs of your clients.

Web design is not just about building websites. Its about providing a service to our clients. In this talk Paul looks at how to establish a collaborative relationship with your clients that produces websites far better than you could build in isolation.

You will learn

  • Why the clients requirements are even more important than your users.
  • The benefits to you of working collaboratively with the client.
  • How to create a process that encourages collaboration.
  • Ways to educate the client enabling them to contribute value to the project.
  • How to encourage the best kind of feedback from clients.
  • What to do when you disagree with your clients.

Design, Client Management

Paul Boag
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