Jeff Gothelf

Almost Everything I've Learned From 5 Years of Lean UX

Agile has taken over the software development world. As a result we’ve created highly-efficient software engineering teams incentivized to get bug-free code shipped quickly. What we’ve failed to do is empower these teams with the decision-making mechanism necessary to decide:

What should we work on?
What’s the best prioritization for our work?
When is it done? (Shipping != done)
Is it meeting customer expectations?
Should we continue to design and optimize this feature?

It is imperative that our product teams understand how to practice effective product discovery methods which can simultaneously feed our product delivery efforts.

The most effective way to achieve this is in collaborative, cross-functional teams that base their decisions on evidence from the market gained through experimentation and hypothesis. These teams bring product design, user experience, engineering, product management and organizational leadership together in a customer-centric effort to build the right product and to build the product right.


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