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    On Web Typography

    Aug 2013 39 minutes

    Achieving a thorough grasp of typography can take a lifetime, but moving beyond the basics is within your reach right now. In this talk, we’ll learn how to look at typefaces with a discerning eye, different approaches to typographic planning, how ...

    Topics: Typography
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    Type at Scale: An Inside Look at Typography at Facebook

    Nov 2014 24 minutes

    Beautiful typography is not something that most immediately associate with Facebook. Instead it’s more likely to be considered an afterthought, unremarkable or go entirely unnoticed. But typography manifests itself in many ways inside and outside ...

    Topics: Typography, Design

    Universal Typography

    Sep 2014 49 minutes

    The web is universal and, in this renewed talk, Tim Brown shows how to practice typography in a way that is equally universal. Focusing on traditional typographic principles, while also embracing progressive enhancement, Tim explains how fonts...

    Topics: Typography
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    Designing Obsidian

    Mar 2015 70 minutes

    Designers of type and lettering make use of custom tools to draw and manufacture their product, this is as true today as it was in the time of punchcutting and steelplate engraving. After the design of the Surveyor family of typefaces came to a cl...

    Topics: Typography

    Web Typography is just like other typography

    May 2016 52 minutes

    h3. Typography on the web is just like other typography only much more interesting There has been some discussions in the web community recently about a new definition of typography and a call for establishing typographic rules for the web. But...

    Topics: Typography
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    Putting the Fonts into Webfonts

    Nov 2014 51 minutes

    There are compelling questions about how type foundries can offer web designers an expressive medium (and readers a rich one), and what it means for typography to be visually, mechanically, and culturally appropriate to the web. Join Jonathan H...

    Topics: Typography
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    Telling good from bad

    Nov 2015 40 minutes

    Lettering is everywhere! Social media has triggered this boom and has influenced the appearance of many who make a go of lettering professionally. But how to tell good from bad? In my keynote I put together several criteria that can help designers...

    Topics: Typography
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    Intricate beauty by design

    Jun 2010 19 minutes

    Just in the way that I'm inspired by books and magazines of all kinds, conversations I have, movies, so I also think, when I put visual work out there into the mass media, work that is interesting, unusual, intriguing, work that maybe opens up tha...

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