Kathy Sierra

Building the Minimum Bad Ass User, Part Two

Unfinished Business…

One of the key metrics we use to measure the value of the talks that we put online is not the number of people that start watching the talk, it is the number that watch to the end. As the talks are an hour long, this gives us a very good idea of how interested people are in what someone has to say.

Nobody wants a quarter inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole, says marketing wisdom. But if you’re truly building an awesome user, you need to help them make something with that quarter inch hole, and make it with a degree of expertise. Kathy’s talk is all about how to help people do stuff with your products:

  • How people learn
  • What real expertise looks like
  • What to do next to help your customers and your team become awesome
  • Why bad design and junk marketing initiatives is cognitive theft

Kathy Sierra also explains why teaching your team good coding habits through bad code teardown is actually a really bad idea.

Eric Ries, of Lean Startup fame, says the only way startups can thrive is by learning fast. Kathy shows you how to do this and how to embed that knowledge in your team and in your customers.

Cognitive Psychology, Designing Behaviors, Lean Startup, Strategy, Dark Patterns