Pamela Pavliscak

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Pamela has spent the last 15 years of her life having conversations with people about technology. Not experts, not developers, not designers, not celebrities. People like you and me, who are living their lives, and trying to sort out how technology fits in when everything keeps changing.

Pamela collect stories about how people engage with technology. Her work is part ethnography, part data science, part behavioral psychology. Right now, that’s usually called UX.

When she is not running her company, Change Sciences, she has a busy schedule writing and speaking about people and technology.

    Designing Happiness

    Nov 2015 35 minutes

    Pamela is in a fascinating pursuit of figuring out the underlying formular of online happiness. It was hooked. Through an elaborate online study of 8000 people on 300 sites, collecting 1000 diaries, interviewing 500, and socially listening to 5...

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