Leah Buley

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Leah is an analyst at Forrester Research, researching and writing about the user experience field after 15 years living in it. Prior to Forrester she worked as a design strategist at Intuit, where she worked on the future of business and personal finance, and as an experience design lead at Adaptive Path.

With a career gradually transitioning to user interface design, she spent the early 2000s as a UX team of one in a range of financial and information service companies. That experience led her to write The User Experience Team of One, a book aimed at others starting out in her position.

    The Modern UX Organization

    Mar 2015 51 minutes

    User experience has matured into a robust field that is shaping products, services, and even the businesses behind them—but not in all companies. Just 14% of UX professionals in a recent survey said that UX is living up to its full strategic poten...

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